Nepal Earthquakes and The Bernier Archive images

The representation of Nepal in the Bernier Collection is extensive, over 2,800 images. Nepal was part of the main areas of of study for Dr. Bernier, considered one of the leading scholars on the architecture of Nepal and the Himalayas, his works are still referenced by scholars today. Dr. Bernier visited Nepal many times over the course of decades. He documented specific sites over time. The images he took are invaluable to scholarly research, and in the wake of the devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015 and subsequent major aftershocks, these images can aid in the restoration of temples and sites that have been completely destroyed or damaged.

This collection, once fully digitized, cataloged and published, will be made available to the public under a Creative Commons License 4.0 ( This means scholars and researches will have free access to the images.

In honor of the scholarship of Dr. Bernier and in tribute to Nepal, images that are significant to the restoration and documentation processes and images from the Kathmandu area are now available in our Nepal Gallery on the sidebar to this site.

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